In this book you will learn the seven secrets that T.L. Osborn discovered in life. They produce a terrific lifestyle for anyone who practices them - and they are simple and easy to learn. Whether you are very young, and adult, middle-aged, or advanced in years, you can benefit rapidly. T. L. Osborn distilled the essence of each principle into a 60-second secret. This way, you can master them all, 60 seconds at a time, in just seven days. This book will show you how simply, quickly and easily you can get what you want out of life.

With these seven secrets - or principles, you can achieve your highest goals. You can get rid of debt and off of welfare or social aid. You can acquire personal and professional success. You can win over inferiority and mediocrity. You can become a problem solver. You can surmount poverty and enjoy the good life. You can start over right where you are, and discover abilities in you that you never dreamed were there. You can enjoy dignity and self-esteem.