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Busy Mom's Guide to Prayer: (Motherhood Club)

Busy Mom's Guide to Prayer: (Motherhood Club)
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Surely you know someone who is an amazing prayer warrior but finds herself caught in the battle of day-to-day chores...and then winds up feeling like she has short-changed her prayer life because she has been slaying the dragons that cross her path in daily life. She's one of the busiest people you know, who truly cares about the people in her life...and in her children's lives...and in her friends' lives.

Lisa Whelchel has now given us (and our prayer warrior friends) a tool that can be used to leverage those rare and treasured moments of free time when we want to pray, but simply don't know where to begin. "The Busy Mom's Guide to Prayer" helps organize our prayer priorities so that we can pray in a practical and effective way and be confident that our petitions are covering people and issues that are important to us.

Lisa has provided the framework, you get to provide the content, and the Holy Spirit will provide the power!

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