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Busy Mom's Guide to Prayer: (Motherhood Club)

Busy Mom's Guide to Prayer: (Motherhood Club)
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In this guide to prayer for busy mothers, Lisa Whelchel shares the wisdom she has gained as a busy mom to help you set aside just ten minutes a day and learn to make a difference in your, your family, and your world through the power of prayer.

Prayer is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and those you love, but if you are like most busy moms, hectic schedules and over-filled days interfere with your best intentions.

As a pastor's wife, author, mom of three, and Grammy nominated songwriter, Lisa Whelchel knows exactly what it feels like to struggle with the guilt that comes from not spending enough time in prayer.

As a result, and to help other mothers like herself, she created this guided prayer journal which will lead you through prayer in six categories--praise, self, husband, children, personal influences, and reaching beyond--in just ten minutes a day.