CD-Christ in You, Vol..2

CD-Christ in You, Vol..2

(4 Teachings) In these last days, it is critical to understand that the power of God has been bestowed upon you, to walk upright and be victorious. In Christ In You Vol. 2, Dr. Bill Winston strengthens your inner-man as he teaches on the ministry of the Holy Spirit (the Latter Rain), and the gift of the Anointing, that is on and in you. As a kingdom citizen in the government of God, it is a mandate to continuously increase and walk in the authority of the Anointing. You have the mind of Christ, and nothing can stop you in your assignment! Through faith, the Anointing will quicken your mind and body so you can do all things through Him. You are ordained to bring forth fruit. May a fresh anointing fall on you, now!

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