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If you're having trouble selecting a Bible, you are not alone. With so many versions, translations and hundreds of different study Bibles to choose from, it's hard to know which one to buy. One reader, Jo, offers this advice:

"The Life Application Study Bible New Living Translation(rather than New International Version, which I also own), is the best Bible I've ever owned. Even my ministers have liked the translation. The #1 on your top 10 list is the Life Application, which I do very much like. But I think the New Living Translation is easier to understand than theNew International Version and it costs considerably less. It's put out by Tyndale House Publishers versus Zondervan who publishes the NIV."

I'm actually embarrassed to admit, I own fourteen different study Bibles that I've accumulated over the years. But most of us don't have the budget or the time to build such an assorted collection. Instead, let me present a few tips to help you decide on the best Bible.


Compare Translations

It's a good idea to have at least one Bible in the particular translation that your minister uses to teach and preach from in church. This makes it easier to follow along during the service. But, like Jo encourages, you may also want to have a personal study Bible in the translation that is easiest for you to understand.


Research Before You Buy

Talk to people about their favorite Bibles and ask them to explain what it is they like about them. Carefully consider what's most important to you before you buy. Once you've narrowed down your selection, compare prices, text sizes and preferred cover materials. Often the same Bible will come in different cover formats. Genuine leather will obviously be the most expensive, next bonded leather, then hardback, and paperback as your least expensive option.


How do I find the book I'm searching for?

Through the new advanced search engine, you can find books you are looking for by searching the name of the book, author’s name, genre, subject or even by keywords that may be associated with the book.


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I am a retailer. How do I place a book order?

Retailers will be able to place volume book orders directly through the bookstore. Once you have registered, your retailer discount will be applied automatically when you place orders.


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Book Ordering for Retailers

As a retailer, what discounts are available to me?

Once your retailer status has been validated in the RCB Bookstore, your retailer discount will automatically be applied when you place book orders.


How do I become a validated retailer?

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How can I get my book featured in the bookstore?

There are four main criteria that RCB uses to determine which authors and books will be featured in the bookstore; quality, quantity, timeliness and remarkability.

Books of high quality are those that have received positive editorial and/or customer reviews and have been deemed high quality by RCB. Quantity is determined by the number books that have been sold through the RCB Bookstore. Books with the highest sales figures will be featured in the “Top Sellers” section. Timely books are those that are relevant to current events or hot topics in the media, or titles that are appropriate for the particular time of year. Qualifying titles may be featured in the seasonal section on the homepage. Remarkable books are those that have been identified by the RCB team as worthy of special attention.

Authors may also be asked by RCB to participate in an Author Video, which is featured on the homepage of the bookstore.


How are "Bestsellers" determined?

Bestsellers are determined by the number of copies sold through the RCB Bookstore over the past month, approximately (retail channel sales and direct sales made by an author do NOT qualify towards this figure). The books with the highest sales will be featured in order of publish date, not by quantity sold. The Bestsellers section of the bookstore is updated weekly.


Who can I contact if I have a question that is not answered here?

If you have any additional questions about the new bookstore, contact Customer Service at (708) 697-5333 or by email at customerservice@royalchristianbookstores.com


How does the rating system work?

Readers can rate your book on a scale of one to five. A one-star rating is the worst, and a five-star rating is the best.


Why have comments?

Readers can post comments on your book’s detail page to share opinions and reviews of your book. We’ll review and approve each comment to ensure no foul language or content is posted.


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Are there any special requirements for my password, username or challenge question?

Yes, your password must be between 6 - 24 characters in length, and can only contain letters or numbers. Remember that your password is also case sensitive, so "TimSmith" is not the same as "timsmith".


What should I do if I forget my password or username?

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Why can't I log in even though the password and username are correct?

Security-level issues could be to blame if you're having trouble logging in. Try adjusting the Internet security levels on your computer to "low" (under "Tools" > "Internet Options."), and then log into your account. Even medium levels of security can cause problems for some users.

Also, make sure you are entering your password and user name correctly. Check the "Caps Lock" button just in case, and make sure that if you are copying and pasting your password, that you're not copying extra spaces, which can cause your log in attempt to fail.


What is an e-book reader?

E-book readers are wireless handheld devices capable of downloading an electronic version of a book and making it available for a customer to read anywhere without a physical copy of the book, such the Amazon Kindle or the nook.